General Rules

Academic Rules

The school has dedicated itself to provide all round and sound foundation education to children and atmosphere, free from inhibitions and prejudices in order promote the full development of the creativity and personality viz physical mental moral and to make them responsible citizens by: • Extending sincere, dynamic and progmatic approaches and efforts for the education of the new generation. • Helping students in achieving excellence in all areas of life apart from education.maximum • Providing each student opportunities for unfolding and developing his/her latent talents • Personality development through extensive exposure to a wide range to extracurricular and co-curricular activities.. • Ensuring the importance of individual difference in them, the school creates in them a zest of meaningful learning through latest pedagogy. • Encouraging students to utilize and enjoy leisure through recreational activities and channelize their energies into self actualization and creativity. • Implanting a sense of love and regard for our cultural heritage and nationalism among the students. • Developing abilities and scientific outlooks in different areas of knowledge and skin to meet the demands of various competitions in life.

Examination Rules

We conduct the terminal, Half-yearly and Annual Exam. as well as class test. On the basis of performance in these examinations, students are promoted to next higher standard. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS • Parents/guardians must ensure that their wards have all necessary books, notebooksetc. before commensurating academic session. .Parents are requested to pay charge for excursion, tours, picnic etc.Parents/guardians must ensure that their wards come to the school in proper school • Parents /guardians are requested to attend the Parent-Teacher Meet so as to keep a track of their child. • Parents/Guardians are requested to submit Medical certificate in case of child'sillness/diseases. ??????? To be kind, considerate and upright human beings, always ready to offer a helping hand. To behave courteously to all and respect the liberty and rights of other. To look upon fellow humane as brethren promoting the cherished ideal of VASUDHAIVAKUTUMBKAM. To make every effort to contribute their share in making the world a better place to live in. To possess the courage and conviction to say a firm, 'No' when asked to do a thing, which they know to be wrong. 10 stand up tor and personify the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play and accepting defeat with grace. 10 respect and treat public property with care and to look after the school premises with the pride of ownership.