Alumni Meet

The Annual Alumni Meet brings to our alumni a chance to reconnect with their Alma Mater. It lets them relive the carefree days of their college lives as they get a chance to visit all the locations they once frequented. As you would, most certainly, reminisce about the time spent in school, with memories mostly sweet, some bitter, you would realize the role played by the school in forming your personality. Your school teachers, you would agree, were just a shade less important than your parents, in molding you as a human being. Now it is time you made us feel prouder! While you reach for greater accomplishments in life, for us, just knowing about your success and achievement in your life, it would be beneficial for our staff and uplift the moral of our school. The ‘Alumni Association’, with your participation, will serve not only as a link with you, but also your friends. You are hurtfully invited you at School campus, Contact soon... With Best Regards KOSHI PUBLIC SCHOOL