Our Curriculum

Upper Primary Section

English, Hindi and Math

Subjects Offered in Primary

The school is so structured that the Primary Section (classes I-V), evolves into the Upper Primary Section (classes VI-VIII), which in turn matures into the Secondary and Senior Section (classes IX-XII).


The curriculum encourages students to develop an understanding of key concepts. In the curriculum, at this level, concepts are represented by different examples that share common attributes. In this way, a sound base is built to equip them with appropriate attitude and skills. The teaching is project-based, activity oriented and content-centric. Theme teaching is in practice to promote cross curriculum understanding.


The following are the subjects offered by our School • Language i(English) • Language ii(Hindi) • Language iii(Sanskrit/ French / Urdu) • Mathematics • Sciences • Social Sciences • Computer or any one optional subject(G.K., value education, art &craft, performing art, etc.) Internal Assessment in the following subjects is done on the basis of the grades of a five-point scale(i.e.A, B, C, D and E)